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Adaptability and Optimization

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One of the biggest challenges a strength coach faces is ensuring that their clients time is used as effectively as possible. Between foam rolling, corrective stretching, speed and agility, power production, core stability/strength/power, and volume work, the most productive path can quickly become clouded. Having a plan is essential but moreso, being able to make revisions and adapt to time constraints is far more paramount.

With each session I try to walk in with 2 to 3 concrete goals in mind and a supplementation plan to assist. Most of the time, I am completely satisfied with the programming, but occasionally the workout prescribed quickly reveals itself to be the wrong path. Situations like these are your make or break moments. Are you perceptive, knowledgeable, and humble enough to make changes to your well thought out program? If so, great! You are what the industry needs. If not, why not? The human body is a tricky thing and it will present you with new challenges by the minute. The profession is truly a double edged sword. Dynamic because it is always evolving and dynamic because we always need to adapt to our clients needs. Adapt and Optimize.

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