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Know Your Why

“Knowing your why” changed the way I played the game. This concept isn’t difficult or complex, it just takes effort on the part of the player. It wasn’t until I was a collegiate baseball player that I found “my why” and saw what this concept could truly do for me as an athlete. “Knowing your why” is as simple as asking questions.

As a player it can be intimidating to ask a coach why. Some coaches may be defensive or offended, but in all honesty the coaches that can explain why they do something will be more than willing to share their knowledge. These are the coaches you want to trust in and spend time with. I was lucky enough to have a few coaches in college that were always asking questions. They were trying to learn and find better ways to communicate the way the body should move at the plate. I latched on and couldn’t stop asking questions. Some examples: What are you feeling when your loading? Did the barrel look easy or forced getting to the ball? Am I getting into my legs? How was my direction? These are all typical questions that someone might hear if they are around me in the cage. By consistently asking questions, I was able to understand and feel what my body was doing, and what it should do.

And at the end of the day hitting is about feel. Regardless of whether you believe in swinging up, down, or level … hitters need to be able to feel what their body is doing when they are successful. Once you understand the feeling of proper movement patterns, create a blueprint on how to replicate that feeling. Understanding WHY this feeling works is how it becomes who we are.

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