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Personalized Summer Training

Are you looking to take your game to the next level?  Maybe you are just interested in maintaining everything you have worked so hard to build over the grueling summer season?  Prime's Summer training model will afford you the flexibility you need, with the individualization to meet your goals this summer.  We will offer 2-4 hours of open gym format, 4-6 days every week this summer.  Here is how it works.

Step 1- come in for an evaluation/discussion of your immediate and long term goals.  

Step 2- John Snelten will write a custom program tailored to your body type/training age/injury history designed to help achieve these goals.

Step 3- Come in as often as you can/like during our open gym hours to perform your workouts under the supervision of John

Program cost is $200/month over the summer.  Pro rated rates and custom plans available upon request.


Email John at to reserve your spot today!

Here is a calendar of our summer hours for group training.  Just navigate to the June/July tabs

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