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Prime Athletics offers a variety of services.  Here is a comprehensive list of package rates.   If you have questions about group lessons, group training, or larger package rates please contact John Snelten directly.  He can be reached by email at or hitting the Contact Us button above.

Private Mechanical Instruction

Instruction sessions are 30 minutes and provide the player with a brief assessment and individualized programming to progress the athlete towards their goals. Contact for pricing and scheduling!

30 minutes- $50

6 pack- $48/30 minute session

12 pack- $47/30 minute session

Rapsodo Pitching Design session

By far our most popular and effective training model. This program allows players to receive customized strength & conditioning, throwing plans, speed development, and bat speed training all in 1.  We begin with an individual assessment on bodily structure, injury history, muscular deficits and optimal goals.  From there, John will create a unique program tailored to the athlete designed to peak their performance.  Workouts will be sent to players phone using a mobile app.  Players are then added to the weekly Sign up sheet where they are able to register for group time slots.  Working in a group setting like this allows players to train in a competitive atmosphere while keeping costs low enough to maintain high frequency.  If your serious about improving this year, this is for you!

Unlimited Monthly- $325

6 Months Unlimited Monthly- $1750

Hitting Membership/Cage Rental

With Prime's recent expansion we now have the ability to offer hitting memberships.  Members may reserve 30-45 minutes a day in one of our cages any day that we are open.  Members are also expected to book their own cage times using our software system.  Memberships are limited and cost $325/year or $200/6 months.
If you would rather not go the membership route, or we are sold out you will still be able to book cage times in open slots for rent.  Using our software system it's as easy as clicking the time slot you would like, the duration and proceeding to the cart.  The software system can be found by clicking "book a session" at the top! 

Recruiting Video

Field Turf Rental

Prime's new space.  40'w * 120'L space that is 20' tall.  Perfect for long toss, infield work, baserunning and live batting practice.

Custom pricing and availability- Email or call for details.

field turf pic for site.jpg

Customized Program Group Training

Rapsodo pitching sessions differ in duration and the primary objective.  Dj Snelten will spearhead this style of instruction.  Years of professional baseball and exposure to very detailed data has helped him become extremely well versed in pitch design and performance optimization.  

Sessions are 45 minutes.  Bringing a catcher is recommended, but optional.  Data can be sent to you per request.

Cost $75

In todays recruiting world, college coaches are looking for concrete data on players.  Prime Athletics has all the technology to create a professional recruiting video for you.  Here is a list of the equipment we will use:

Speed measurement- Brower TCi Speed Gates

Pitching- Rapsodo pitching unit

Hitting- Rapsodo hitting unit

Infield/outfield throwing- Stalker Radar w/Led


Position player-$175

Pitcher only- $175

Both- $250

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