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Over the years, John has developed an outstanding reputation, helping a significant amount of athletes exceed their goals. Whether its strength training, velocity training, or mechanical instruction, people love to talk about it!  Here's what some of them had to say:

“Over the past few years I have struggled to get over that mid 80's hump.  After only 6 weeks of participating in John's PVP system; I have gone from 83-85 to touching 92.4 and could not be happier with the results.”​
R. Wikel

"I have worked with John for the last 10 months.  During that time I have gained 45 lbs., increased my lower and upper body strength, and improved my throwing velocity by more than 8 mph.  More importantly, John has helped me become a better baseball player.  His pitching knowledge and  mechanical knowledge has helped me become a better player both physically and mentally.  John has played a major role in my baseball accomplishments in the last year.

T. Esplin

Our family first met John when he began working with our 4 boys as their baseball trainer and pitching instructor 18 months ago. We were so impressed with John's knowledge as a pitching instructor, that it seemed a natural progression to have him work with the boys as their trainer with specific emphasis on pitching/strength exercises. After working with John, our boys grew stronger, stayed healthy during their seasons and saw improved results on the mound. John genuinely cares about the boys and their results and that is the reason the boys enjoy working with him so much; they respect John both as a pitching instructor/trainer, as well as a person.

John is respected so much by our boys and the results were so real, that I wanted to work with John myself. I've been doing strength training with John for about 15 months and have been so happy with how I feel about my strength that I've never thought of training with anyone else. I have never felt better about my level of fitness.

A. Messner

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