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The Primal Game


The Primal Game is a unique benchmark system that quantifies and evaluates important markers for baseball players and their development.  Our goal is to give athletes a way to compete off the field that translates into success on the field.  Competitors will be able to compare themselves to their peers and routinely check progression as well as identify defecits.  The competitive atmosphere will ensure that the athlete continues to push the envelope and the format of the competition will guide the player in the optimal direction for their sport.  


To help aid the competitive environment, each category will be evaluated using a point system.  When an athlete hits a certain benchmark they are awarded the respective amount of points for that benchmark test.  At the conclusion of testing, points will be totalled and a leaderboard will be assembled.  Tests will be held monthly and the leaderboard will be updated accordingly.  Here is an example of the point system for 1 of the categories.














The Primal Game was developed by John Snelten as a system to ensure motivation and consistent progression towards strength and speed goals that are appropriate for the baseball/softball oriented athlete.  John has identified 7 quantifiable benchmarks that directly translate to not only performance but recruitability.  The best part, the Primal Game is free for any athlete who is actively participating in Strength and Conditioning or the PVP System.  




For more information please contact John directly at 847.525.7813 or email us at




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