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Supplementation in Athletics

by: John Snelten Like Clockwork, every week I get asked by one of our trainees, "what supplements should I be taking?" This will often be met with a reply from me inquiring what they are already taking and what they are hoping to achieve by supplementing. In most cases, they aren't taking much and if they are it's unnecessary or poorly implemented. You may have seen personalities on social media or forums make the claim that supplementing is only the last 1% of the equation. While I can't speak to the exact percentage, there are some that can be quite helpful. The remainder of this writing will be separated into what I'd consider "primary and "secondary" supplementation. Primary (Likely highest impact) - #1 Creatine Monohydrate- 100% Safe, most studied supplement in history and well documented improvement in strength and power # 2- Multivitamin- Most of us do not come close to meeting our mineral needs from food. Much of our produce contains less nutrients than it did years ago, and athletes use more of them. # 3 High quality Fish Oil or Krill oil- The benefits here are massive, from joint lubrication, to brain function, heart health, muscle growth promoting, and fat loss. There are too many benefits to pass this up. Quality is important, as cheap products can go rancid and be rendered useless Secondary In this section I'm going to list a bunch of minerals/spices that have promising and potential uses, but recommend you do your own research. - Protein powder- Have other blog posts on the benefits/proper utilization of protein power. Check the blog! - Anti-Inflammatory - Bromelain, MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, cinnamon - Magnesium - "Miracle mineral"- 90%. of the world is deficient, athletes especially. Incredibly important. There are many different forms, do your research to determine which one is appropriate for your needs. Vitamin D - Especially important in the winter N-Acetyl-Cysteine-(NAC)-Another potential cool compound. Take a few minutes and read about it! Few quick highlights, helps with kidney and liver function, alleviates respiratory problems, and many more. Hope this little guide helps. Supplements still take a back seat to proper nutrition and sleep, but for the athlete turning over every stone, they should not be overlooked.

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