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The Big 3

The Big 3

If you're ever trained at Prime Athletics,

or have used our systems before,

you're likely aware of our fondness for the Kettlebell.

Among our advanced athletes we will often employ what we call,

"the Big 3" to kick off a workout. These 3 exercises work incredibly

well to promote systemic health, stability, activation and mobility. Performed multiple times per week they can really

be a game changer!

So, what are they? "The Big 3" refers to the Turkish Get Up, Kettlebell

Windmill, and the Kettlebell Halo. Let's talk about each one and highlight why they are so effective.

Turkish Get-up - The king of stability, mobility, and deep core activation. If you've ever seen this performed, it isn't difficult to understand why. The various positions, supplemented with load force the body to move through the hips and core while stabilizing the typical vulnerable joints. Fun Fact-The TGU (Turkish) was the only exercise found of over 120 to utilize all 4 quadrants of the core!

Kettlebell Windmill- the KB windmill excels at promoting excellent shoulder

health/mobility while also improving thoracic spine mobility. Forcing your body to stabilize and twist w/load in a safe way can yield some fantastic results. In any population, but particularly in rotational sports, thoracic spine mobility is

imperative for performance and health.

Kettlebell Halo - Last but not least- the Halo. Performing controlled reps through the end ranges of shoulder mobility with the Halo can go a long way for any thrower. Perform seated to increase the challenge on your core!

Suggested Sets/reps for each exercise.

TGU - 4×2 (per side) '

KB Windmill- 4×5 (per side)

KB Halo - 4×5 (per side)

Let us know how you feel after you’ve tried them!

Leave us a suggestion on what to write about next!

- John


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