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Prime Golf Development

Mission Statement

At Prime, we aim to give players a better understanding of their body and how it connects to the golf swing.  All of our instructors are Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) Certified and will work with you to break down physical limitations, improve strength, fitness, power/swing speed and create a more efficient and repeatable golf swing.

Christopher Boyle- Lead Instructor

Christopher Boyle is the founder of CB Golf Performance.  He is a graduate of the top Professional Golf Management Program, Methodist University and continues his passion for instruction in the Chicagoland area.    He is actively a Class A PGA Golf professional and part of the Illinois PGA Section.  His playing experience includes many professional events across the country on various tours.  Boyle has been working as a golf educator for years, spending time at a few different clubs and training facilities; most notably, Sea Island Golf Performance Center.  Alongside his PGA affiliation, Chris is part of the Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) with a level 2 fitness certification.    CB's experience has allowed him to integrate exercise and fitness into golf and has passion for educating players on how pivotal of a role these elements play in the golf swing.  

John Snelten- Instructor, Strength, Speed

Golf was a big part of life for John growing up.  His father was member of the PGA and the time out on the course was always gold.  The last 15 years he has spent the vast majority of his time instructing baseball players in strength, power and mechanics.  In recent years his personal passion has been to educate himself on all things golf.  John has merged his in depth knowledge of strength and rotational mechanics to create an understanding of the golf swing and how these factors contribute to player performance.  In pursuit of his passion he has enhanced his education by becoming a member of the Titleist Performance Institute.

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